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Inktober sticker bundle #2!

Second sticker bundle which should be weatherproof too! So you can put it on your car for example! :)
All the golden parts shines on these stickers, which makes them almost just like the originals! :)

This sticker pack will include one of each : Mained wolf, Bat, Hare, Lion, Fox and King Cheetah

Sticker sizes:
Mained Wolf 4.7x3.5 inches, 12x8.9cm
Bat 4.7x3.6 inches, 12x9.1cm
Hare 4.7x4.7inches, 12x12cm
Lion 3.7x4.7 inches, 9.4x12cm
Fox 4.7x2.5inches, 12x6.6cm
King Cheetah 4.7x2.8 inches, 12x7.2cm

Will be handled and shipped within one week from purchase!


  • Image of Inktober sticker bundle #2!
  • Image of Inktober sticker bundle #2!