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Mystery tube!!


As the name suggest, this is a mystery tube! and is a perfect gift for Christmas!

What does that mean then?

Well buying this option, you won't know what the tube will keep inside! So it's going to be a mystery for you or anyone who would receive it as a gift!

So basically I will be choosing what your package will contain, without you knowing what you will receive.

This mystery tube costs 70euros + shipping, but every tube will contain goodies at least worth of 100e!
So clear saving for you! ;)

What the tube may include:
A4 Prints
A3 Prints
Mini prints
Small original Sketches
One time Discount code with individualized discount code ( discounts can be between 10-25%)

Every Mystery tube will be build differently, and may not include all that has been mentioned above, but I'll try to do a good variation of goodies on each tube!

There's two options, same price, Unwrapped means that I won't wrap with Christmas wrapping paper, in case you want to open it immediately when you receive it and you bought it for yourself for example.

IF you are going to order it as a present for someone and want it to stay surprise for everybody, choose the wrapped version, this means I will wrap your order in Christmas wrapping paper and it's ready to go for Christmas!

Note that shipping time varies between 2-8weeks on orders outside Europe, so order yours as soon as possible if you live outside Europe to ensure it will make it in time!

Will be packaged and shipped withing 1-3 days.

International orders doesn't include tracking! (would be too expensive)