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Gold embellished print of "fragile"

Print of Fragile as gold embellished.

Only in A3 size.

A bit more expensive since I need to do extra work to re paint the golden parts!

I will go through the golden parts with golden ink for this print, so you'll get the shimmer and sparkle the originals has aswell!

Will be handled and shipped 2-3 days after purchase!
Arriving time depends on your location, orders shipped to Europe takes around 1-2weeks, orders shipped outside Europe takes around 3-8 weeks.

No tracking numbers, but each purchase is shipped as priority!

A3=29,7x42 cm = about 11,7x16,5 inches.

Comes safely in a tube.

Will be hand signed!


  • Image of Gold embellished print of "fragile"
  • Image of Gold embellished print of "fragile"