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Custom pet portrait


Purchasing from this listing you'll get a pet portrait made to order.

This listing is only for a one pet per painting, If you wish to include two pets in same painting for example, please message me after your purchase.

Extra pet will add 30euros to the final price.

This listing does not include full background.

Once you have made the purchase, email me high quality pictures of your pet at scandy_girl@hotmail.com. I would prefer receiving 3-5 different images.

And let me know the idea you have, I can add floral things or double exposure landscapes to go with your pet portrait. Feel free to look through my paintings, to see if they have some kind of elements you wish to combine with your pet. Be creative, since I love creative commissions!

It's also fully okay if you dont wish to have any extra elements on your pet portrait.

I will try to complete your painting as soon as possible after your purchase, and I can give you some kind of time schedule when the painting would be ready. If you are in a hurry, please let me know.

If i receive multiple orders, the orders will be paint in order, and in this case I will also give a time schedule of when I would be able to start your commission.

Prices listed are the full prices for the painting. And after buying you won't need to pay any extra unless you want another pet to be included on the same painting, which I mentioned above.